There has never been a more welcomed distraction. The timing of the World Cup is spot on. I’ll be obsessing over (almost) every game as a coping mechanism in the coming weeks. 

Futbol lover? Duh, it’s the purest form of love! 


WNYC = Sanity while Driving

I have a hellish commute. I drive from my perfect little oasis in Heroin infested Baltimore to Rockville. Every.Damn.Day. For those who know the beltway (and all its evilness) that is horrible by anyone’s standards. And while I know there are worse commutes, mine is pretty bad. I normally curse people, my job, life, etc., during the 2-4 hours I spend in my car each day. Until I discovered a better NPR station. No disrespect to Baltimore’s WYPR but I can’t listen to it for anything other than traffic, weather, and the like.

Alec Baldwin has a show on WYNC called Here’s the Thing. It has become my saving grace. I listen to his converstaions and laugh. They typically make me think or remind me of similar experiences in my life. What I’ve noticed after a week of this; however, is that each episode ends with a pestering voice in my head. You don’t do anything creative these days. You don’t even blog. You don’t write. You’re basically soulless.

One of the things I miss most about Los Angeles is being around creative people. Writing at the beach (yes, us Californians are spoiled), coffee and poetry, drinks and magazine discussions. If I had to pinpoint my biggest complaint about living in Baltimore (believe me, I have many) it has to be that I’m not surrounded by creative people and therefor do less creative things which makes me feel less than happy. I’m determined to fix this. In the meantime, I’ll listen to Alec and his guests, and make plans to go see this man of mine. I must thank him for saving me from this beltway nightmare I live in.

Next mission? Sign up for some poetry events or take an improv class. Something, anything, to get my soul back.

Lupus Rant

The thing about Lupus is that it’s really good at making me feel like I’m all alone even when I’m surrounded by people who love me. I know I’m not but God, today at the doctor I damn near broke down. It was my first real public breakdown. I fought hard to keep the tears from rolling down my puffy cheeks. All I wanted was my mum there. I’m not even sure the boyfriend has seen me like this. I’m such a mess. I shouldn’t go to appointments alone but it’s all I know…but so lonely…not sure what to do.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Another Day, Another Dollar

I miss free time. You know, when you the time to browse all your favorite blogs, look at the latest fashion trends, find random stuff you have no business buying, and going on sites like Overheard in New York. I can’t even remember the last time I was on OINY. It’s been ages.

The picture above is from my last escapade to New York, while on Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Could have seriously stayed up there all day long, without a care in the world. I love the city.

This weekend I want to go explore some areas in Virginia, and maybe find some neat  boutiques. I’d like to go trail running and do some yoga. Perhaps even read an actual book. Not an article or a magazine but a novel. I’m thinking of devouring A Moveable Feast or possibly The Sun Also Rises, again. Lord knows I love Hemingway.

When low on spoons, Hemingway is always a necessary distraction and now isn’t any different than before.

For now, I’ll pour another glass of wine, and dream up ideas for sightseeing in New York when one of the besties comes to visit next month. She has been my sanity lately, and I can’t wait need to see her.


Let's Talk about Sex, Baby

  • Woman in her 50s: What are you doing tonight?
  • Me: I'll probably masturbate.
  • Woman in her 50s: What? How can you do that when you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: Is that a serious question? I love my vibrator.
  • Woman in her 50s: Oh I don't need to know these things.
  • Me: I can send you a great one, for Christmas if you want.
  • Woman in her 50s: No, no! My fingers work just fine, thank you.
  • Me: Well, I'm rather lazy. . .
  • Woman: (erupts in laughter) OMG BYE JEWEL!
  • Me: Ciao.

Where are your manners!?

  • Jewel(Moi): Dad, I need your email address that you ACTUALLY check. I need you to look at the property we discussed yesterday. Please!
  • Dad:!!! Good morning to you too!
  • Jewel: I don't want any sass!
  • Dad: If you going to the track, you gotta know your horses!! I think you know this horse of course! Love ya!!
  • Jewel: LMAO. Word.
  • Sometimes, shit my dad says cracks me up.

How to Survive Homesickness

Most days, I am not holed up somewhere cursing the mid-Atlantic region and the evil (some, not all) people who live here. Most days, I’m pretty happy. Sometimes however, I miss home…The sunshine of SoCal, the laid back attitudes, the endless adventures and activities and lets not forget the beaches. Pacific, my love. Who wouldn’t miss that? 

The one saving grace I have here (there are a few actually) is that I have managed to find some really great people who I love being around. You know the types: friends who you can meet up with and have no plans whatsoever but figure out your afternoon as it is happens. You can spend hours in stores (or cafes), browsing, trying on outfits, dancing (I do this everywhere) and discussing the ever important details of each other’s lives. On difficult days, it helps to have friends to do this with. I may never stop longing for certain aspects of Cali but for the time being, hanging out with awesome humans sure does make it bearable and on most afternoons/late nights, enjoyable as well. 

To the young lady pictured beside me below, thank you. You are loved!


Travel Adventures: Annapolis, MD

It’s such a charming little city. After living in Maryland for the past seven months or so, I finally visited the capital. There’s something for everyone; from crab cakes, to antique shops, to delightful fudge and caramel shops, the place makes for a nice day trip and an escape from wherever you happen to live. 

I’ll certainly go back, with the bf in tow. There were too many amazing pieces in the antique vintage stores that need a home! 




It finally arrived!!

Spring is here after making me sit through an agonizing four months of brutal cold. Okay, so it wasn’t that bad but still. I missed warmth. Today was a whopping 76 degrees! I went out for a walk on my break and could have stayed out for the remainder of the day. The Cherry Blossoms were beautiful. Oh, how I love this weather!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some awesome pics soon. 



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WhatIWore: I recently cleaned out my piggy bank and realized I have quite the collection of coins that I’ve picked up around the world. Over the weekend, along with MAJOR help from my dad, I made a charm bracelet using these coins. Here’s how!

DIY charm bracelet, DIY on What I Wore, Coin bracelet, How to make a coin bracelet, WIW DIY, Jessica Quirk, What I Wore, Style BlogSupplies:

  • Coins, tokens or metal…